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Heel Sit and Stay!

Communicate, understand and enjoy!


Heel Sit and Stay has recently relocated to Tropical Cairns from the Sunshine Coast.

Heel Sit and Stay offers private  1:1 training lessons for you and your puppy/dog.  Belinda, your trainer, has been training dogs for over 10 years and would love to help your dog live its best life with you and your family.

Whether you need:

Behavioural help such as barking, jumping, digging, separation anxiety; 

General Training like walking nicely on lead, sitting, staying or coming when called or; 

Advanced Commands, Tricks, and Scent work eg. ringing a bell, putting toys away, or finding your keys or phone (and so much more..)  then Heel Sit and Stay can help.

Our aim is to support, educate, and have fun by teaching you how to train and understand your dog.  Our programs are tailor-made to suit you, your family, and your dog.

If you would like more information or have questions you can contact Belinda via the 'Contact Us' button below or, you can jump right in and request an in-home initial assessment and Belinda will be in touch for a time convenient to get your training started.


Belinda Marinus

Hi or should I say 'Woof' ! I am Belinda and I am passionate about training YOU and your dog or puppy.  I have trained over 4000 dogs since beginning my business in 2013 and even more humans!  The key to having a well-behaved and trained dog is consistency -  and patience of course!

My goal is to help you and your dog to have the best life possible together.  I don't have a cookie-cutter approach to my training, classes, or education sessions as all dogs and people have different home environments, family dynamics, and expectations of their dogs. I want to get to know you and your dog so I can help them be the best they can be.

I was a late starter into the Dog Training arena but my various careers prior to this have given me a perspective and understanding of people and how best to teach them - or you!

I undertook my dog training studies with Craig A. Murray 'The Dog School' based in the Gold Coast, QLD.  Craig is an International Award-Winning Certified Specialist Dog Trainer. I have also undertaken private study, and online courses and have recently completed a course in Canine Conditioning and Functional Movement.

Dog Obedience

Owner and Head Trainer

Molly's Yelp Line

Molly's Yelp Line

Molly's Yelp Line
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Molly's Yelp Line -  Sleeping dog

Molly's Yelp Line - Sleeping dog

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Molly's Yelp Line - Separation Anxiety

Molly's Yelp Line - Separation Anxiety

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Molly's Yelp Line - Digging

Molly's Yelp Line - Digging

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Molly Yelp Line - Dog approaching off lead

Molly Yelp Line - Dog approaching off lead

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Contact Us

At Heel Sit and Stay we want your dog to be the best it can be.  

For more information please enter your details and we will get back to you as soon as we have finished playing ball! 

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