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Heel Sit and Stay!

Communicate, understand and enjoy!

Heel Sit and Stay - previously located in Cooroy, near Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland - is moving to Tropical Cairns in January 2023. 
Heel Sit and Stay will still offer private one-on-one online consultations and small group workshops and seminars (at various locations - by appointment).
Our training includes anything Puppy related, behavioural advice and training for Teenage Pups,  and more advanced training including obedience agility, and scent work.   
Our aim is to support, educate and have fun by teaching you how to train and understand your dog.  Our programs are tailor-made to suit you, your family, and your dog.

Peeping Pug

How can we help you today?

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Our Team

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Belinda Marinus

Hi or should I say 'Woof"! I am Belinda and I am passionate about training YOU and your dog or puppy.  I have trained over 4000 dogs since beginning my business in 2013 and even more humans!  The key to having a well-behaved and trained dog is consistency, consistency, consistency!



Belinda in action

I am a balanced trainer and believe that dogs need rules and boundaries.  I want to teach you how to be your dog's Pack Leader with respect and trust - not fear or excessive treats! 
Based in Cooroy, near Noosa, Heel Sit and Stay offers Puppy Preschool, Teenage Puppy School, Obedience, Agility for Fun and so much more.



Molly is here to answer your Dog's questions.  Whether it be behavioural, personal, or why humans do what they do - Molly can help.  Molly has video answers in the Video section on some common problems.  If your dog has their own question they send it to Molly below.

Molly's Yelp Line

Molly's Yelp Line

Molly's Yelp Line
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Molly's Yelp Line -  Sleeping dog

Molly's Yelp Line - Sleeping dog

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Molly's Yelp Line - Separation Anxiety

Molly's Yelp Line - Separation Anxiety

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Molly's Yelp Line - Digging

Molly's Yelp Line - Digging

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Molly Yelp Line - Dog approaching off lead

Molly Yelp Line - Dog approaching off lead

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At Heel Sit and Stay we want your dog to be the best it can be.  

For more information please enter your details and we will get back to you as soon as we have finished playing ball! 

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