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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Woof and welcome to the first of many

"Blogs for your Dogs, by Heel Sit and Stay"

Hi, I am Belinda, head trainer and owner of Heel Sit and Stay! Dog Obedience, based in beautiful Cooroy, Queensland.

I have almost 10 years of hands-on experience training humans and their dogs to be the best they can be... the dogs not the humans :). My approach is from a balanced perspective, dogs have different drives, motivations, and talents and one of my passions with dog training are working out their superpowers and strengths and building on their imperfections.

I also enjoy the human element and working on the bond and understanding between owner and dog. Too often humans expect the dogs to understand them, it's impawtent we understand them first.

I have seen a lot of online dog trainers start to pop up on Social Media, and more and more books on the subject of ‘Dog and Puppy Training'. For anyone trying to research how to raise their new Puppy or settle their Rescue dog into their family, there is A LOT of conflicting advice, new evidence, old evidence, shiny equipment, treats, treats, and more treats... Dog toys – well that is a blog post all of its own!

So how am I different? Well, that is the point – everyone is different. All trainers will have their opinions, their training style, and their life experience, as well as their personalities, beliefs, and delivery methods.

I want to give you a piece of gold advice... by all means, do your research and then choose a trainer that fits with you and your beliefs and values. Follow their advice and instruction. If you are confused with different approaches and conflicting advice from multiple people - then guess what - your dog will be more confused. In my opinion and with my experience - Dogs Like Rules and Structure, if you or family members keep moving the goalposts how will they know where to pee!

I have an exciting, interesting and valuable list of topics to cover in my upcoming blogs, starting with “The COVID Dog/Puppy” “Separation Anxiety” as well as “The COVID Essentials Grab Bag”, “Train the Brain” and “how to work out your dog's superpower”.

I hope you will enjoy my Blogs and if you have a topic you would like me to cover please send me a message and I will get onto it for you.

For more information on my classes, products and online videos..

Belinda Marinus

Head Dog Trainer

Heel Sit and Stay! Dog Obedience

Author of “My Life as Your Dog”

Creator of “Happy not Yappy Dogs”

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