Puppy Training 

For puppies 8-18 weeks of age

  • Puppy Essentials Seminars - (humans only) - meet your trainer and ask all of your puppy questions

  • Puppy Preschool - to socialise, training and set your puppy up for success

  • In-home lessons - puppy proof your home, help with toilet training, biting, training products, and more

Teenage Puppy Training

For puppies 18 weeks - 7 Months of age

  • Teenage Puppy School - for pups that are pushing boundaries or are too smart for the basic commands! Introduction to Agility and Scent work.

  • In-home lessons - using your pup's brain for good not evil!  What is their superpower? What would you like to achieve with your pup?

Adolescent and Adult Dogs 

7 Months of age and older

  • Initial Assessment to meet and speak with your Trainer

  • Basic Obedience course - for the basic commands Sit, Drop, Stand, Stay, walking on the lead.  Agility and Scent Work

  • Ongoing Basic and Advanced dogs - intermediate level obedience, Agility for Fun, Scent Work, Verbal Markers, and trick training.  Learning tasks for helping around the house - pick up toys, keys, etc., ring the bell, close the door! Find my keys! 

Private Lessons

Any age - 8 weeks and older

  • Behavioural modification - barking, destruction, reactivity

  • Training Commands - "come back Rover", Sit, Stay, Mat Training, etc.

  • How to train and set up home agility/scent work etc.

  • Advanced obedience, tricks, engagement, and enrichment activities 


Half day and one off workshops

  • Small groups

  • Fun, educational and practical workshops

  • Refreshments and welcome gift bag (half day workshops only)

  • Things you didn't know you needed to know

  • Guest speakers/presenters (half day workshops only)

  • Tailored to the group


Humans Only

  • Meet your Trainer

  • Ask questions about your puppy/dog behaviours

  • Peruse/purchase products and ask for advice on training equipment, home set up, etc. 

  • Refreshments provided

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Not sure which course or lesson is right for you and your dog?  Feel free to get in touch so we can work out a plan that is right for you.