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Not sure what training or service you need for your dog?  
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How can we help you today?

About to welcome a new puppy to your home?

Puppy Essential Seminar

What an exciting time ahead!  But where do you start? How do you set up your home, what should you expect and what products do you need? What is crate training and how do you teach toilet training?  Come along to the Puppy Essentials Seminar and ask all your questions!

Your Puppy needs to socialise and learn some commands?

Puppy Preschool is for pups 12-18 weeks of age

This is an exciting time!  Your puppy is home and being all cute and funny.  But you need some help! Puppy is biting and chewing, toileting everywhere and they are so full of energy! You also want your puppy to be social with other puppies and dogs. Puppy Preschool is a MUST!
Not only will they learn nice social skills, but you will also learn lots of practical lifelong commands and have lots of fun.

Your Puppy is starting to push the boundaries and has selective hearing?!

Teenage Puppy School is for pups 18 weeks - 7 months age

So... your puppy is starting to challenge you, maybe they aren't coming back when you call them or have 'forgotten' the rules or the basic commands.  Maybe they have started to develop new behaviours like barking or jumping up.
Are they getting enough mental stimulation, or maybe you would like to give them more commands and tricks to do?  Then Teenage Puppy School is for you!

Your rescue or rehomed dog has some behaviours/commands you need help with?

Private Lesson

Congratulations on giving your dog a new home.  Dogs come to us for all sorts of reasons but they don't come with a user manual.  A private lesson will allow your trainer to assess your dog and discuss and address behaviours and training to help you and your dog adjust.
Depending on your dog, lifestyle, family and expectations a training program can be developed to help your dog be the best it can be.

You aren't sure if 'Heel Sit and Stay' is the right training style for you and your dog?

Initial Assessment

There are a lot of different approaches to dog training and it is important you and your dog suit your trainer.  An Initial Assessment is an opportunity for you and your dog to meet your trainer and discuss your expectations and decide if they are a good fit for you.  
The Initial Assessment will also allow the trainer to assess your dog, their behaviours, and level of training.  
An Initial Assessment is a requirement for new dogs wanting to join group classes with 'Heel Sit and Stay'  (dogs under 6 months don't require an Initial Assessment).

You want to continue your training with 'Heel Sit and Stay!?!

For dogs and owners previously trained with 'Heel Sit and Stay' there is always more to learn

Woof!  Welcome back.  This section is for current and recent clients of Heel Sit and Stay, that would like to continue their training, whether it be Basic Obedience, Ongoing Obedience, Friday Social, or our Advanced Group.  Agility, Scent Work and Verbal Markers training is included in your courses. See you soon!

If you are unsure what training is right for you or you would like more information please complete the form in "Contact Us" and we will get back to you!