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Don't worry - My dog is friendly...!!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Woof! Do you have a social, well-trained dog that you can walk off lead with 100% recall regardless of distraction? WOW – that is great! Whether this is through properly controlled socialisation as a pup, time and energy put into training, good breeding, luck, or all of the above - congratulations on having a great dog. BUT … Please ensure your dog is ALWAYS on a lead unless they are in a designated dog off-leash area! Unfortunately, not all dogs have had the same great start to life. Dogs can be reactive, defensive, anxious, aggressive, or timid for a variety of reasons and it may not be the current owners ‘fault’. A lot of dogs • may have missed their socialisation window (first 16 weeks of life) – thanks COVID, • been mistreated or surrendered, • had a family member/pack member pass away, • been attacked or intimidated by another dog, • be old or unwell, • be timid in nature or • not have had any training etc. This is why we should ALWAYS ask if it is okay for our ‘friendly’ dogs to say hello – especially if the other dog is on a lead – BEFORE the friendly dog goes running up to sniff their butt or try to engage in play. Owners walking their dogs on a lead have the right to be left alone by both humans and dogs. They may be working on their dog’s reactivity, practicing training techniques, the owners may be nervous about other dogs and situations, or they may have just adopted their dog and don’t know their personality yet. An off-lead ‘friendly’ dog approaching an unknown dog on a lead is a recipe for disaster – from my experience as a dog trainer and dog owner. This post is not about blame, shame, or guilt – it is about being mindful and about education – for people and dogs. If you have a reactive, defensive, anxious, nervous dog and would like some help with training them to be more relaxed, calm, and confident please feel free to contact me through my website If your dog is okay on a lead but you as the owner/handler are nervous, anxious, stressed, or avoid going for walks due to previous bad experiences or situations please contact me via For a well-trained dog, we need to train the dog, the owner, and the owner and dog together – I can help with all three. Woof out… Belinda

I love all dogs and people and want to meet everyone.
I am friendly

I might not be socialised, defensive, aggressive, nervous, unwell, injured or recently rescued
Please don't approach me

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