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The wet walk – poo story

It is the wet season in Cairns … how wet? Cats and dogs wet! Took the woofers out for a walk this morning and was drenched before I even reached the end of the street – but it is so warm it didn’t really matter. Wilma is struggling with the heat a bit, so she seems to love a walk in the rain.

As with all my walks I like to think about what I learnt today and what I can share – and it happened on the 3rd walk of the day which just happened to be Wilma.

I find it really interesting walking three dogs separately as they are all so different and what they want to do on their walk really varies.

Duke likes to do the weave walk and pee on lots of different things, he is keen to smell but isn’t interested in treats at all on a walk.

Molly is on a mission; she likes to go as far as possible and is determined. She also likes to ‘read the news’ and she has mastered the wee and walk. (She manages to keep walking as she pees – not sure if she is spreading her news or if she just doesn’t want to stop). Rarely do Molly or Duke poo when out in public.

Then there is Wilma… she is one poo Wilma, usually on a nature strip as far away from the public bin as possible (so I have to carry it). I always double bag – one for the content and the second for the smell). So, this morning, Wilma does her business and I pull out the poo bags – but because it has been raining and I have the compostable poo bags, they have sort of melted together and I can’t get them open!

So, there I am in the pouring rain on the side of the road with Wilma the Rottie in one hand and trying to open poo bags in the other – quite the feat! After a few minutes of not being able to open them and I am sure people are watching me through their windows, I decide to get some other (not compostable) poo bags out from the bottom of my bumbag – lucky I still had some – otherwise this post would have taken a completely different tune !

So – the learnings of today’s walk were make sure you have extra poo bags and don’t use compostable ones in the rain!

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