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My training pawtner's mid-life crisis was to make dogs and training a part of her life. So far removed from her previous career! I also have a second training pawtner - well, he's more of a training distraction and playmate.

I'm a 10mth old Taffy-Shmoodle or Shitzumfoody but my pawtner caIls me little black mischief. I'm super confident, strong willed, determined, inquisitive, cheeky, and full of fun. So I'm challenging my training pawtner and teaching her LOTS!

What do I want from training? Do things that make my pawtner and me happy. I need to nail the basics, socialise well with people & dogs, learn good doggie manners and have FUN. After I can do those things well, I know there's LOTS more for us to do to be the best doggie and pawrent we can be.

PS - my pawtner thinks Recall is essential. I think it's one of those "nice to haves" that I can choose to do when I want.

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Kym and Zena
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